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She is fun loving, hilarious, and clever, a combination that always comes in handy.Some of the best life stories that the Bride has usually include "and then Taryn did/said..." Once you meet this woman, it is guaranteed that you'll never forget her all-around charm and friendliness.Born cousins, Wes and the Groom could easily be mistaken as the closest of brothers.Brett, or as the Groom would refer to him "The Great Thinker" has an open mind and is down to try anything at least once...maybe twice if the first time was inconclusive.

Whether it's going on a 5 hour hike in Malibu (and bamboozling the Bride into coming along), jumping on a last minute flight to Europe, or just hanging out, this woman is down for whatever and still manages to take care of business.

Austin and Jessica met:a) At a bar when they both noticed that the other was cheering for the 49ersb) Through mutual friends at a BBQ get togetherc) Through the Tinder dating app because they both swiped right for each otherd) At the gas station when they both were getting fuel Austin and Jessica's first date almost never happened because:a) Austin ended up working late that evening and he kept pushing back the time he was going to take Jessica out to dinner that night…she thought he was trying to bail outb) Austin lost his phone and did not have her phone number so Jessica didn't hear from him until pm even though she tried to confirm with Austin earlier in the dayc) Jessica blocked Austin's phone number by accident and he couldn't get through to her..thought she bailed on him until she texted to tell him off for "standing her up"d) Jessica forgot that she was supposed to go to dinner with her friends that night and was going to cancel on Austin, but her friends decided to postpone their dinner plans until the next week On their very first date, Jessica thought:a) Austin was really handsome and nice, but talked too much about work so she texted her friend while Austin was in the bathroom that he might be too boring for herb) Austin and her had a great connection despite being upset earlier about the phone mishap so she ordered another glass of wine at Hara Sushi when Austin was in the bathroom and drank it super slow in order to make the date last longerc) Austin was too quiet and not really her type, but suggested that they continued their date anyway by going to SF Saloon since she spent so long getting ready and proceeded to order a glass of wine along with 13 goldfish crackersd) Austin was super awesome and had great taste in sushi rolls so she was hoping that he would ask her out again on a second date On their second date, Austin took Jessica to:a) Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill and spilled his drink on himselfb) Fleming's Steakhouse and 'accidentally' called her Jenniferc) Rusty Pelican and tripped up the stairs checking her outd) Gulfstream and unintentionally elbowed her in the face Austin and Jessica's first kiss was:a) At Jessica's apartment when the two were having a Netflix date nightb) After Austin and Jessica got out of the movie theatre and were about to get in the carc) At a Shell gas station in the middle of the afternoond) At a party at Austin's old house as soon as his roommates left the kitchen On Austin and Jessica's first Valentine's Day together:a) Austin surprised Jessica with flowers and took her to dinner in Malibu at a winery restaurant, but he forgot his wallet at home so Jessica had to pay for the (expensive) dinner unexpectedly even though it was supposed to be her V-day gift from himb) Austin and Jessica went to Big Bear and spent the night in a cave-themed cabin enjoying wine and making s'mores, but they both ate too many of the tasty treats and got incredibly sickc) Austin and Jessica drank a bit too much wine at tasting rooms in Solvang, decided to take a nap before dinner, and slept through their reservation at a romantic restaurant so they were forced to eat Jack in the Box instead because it was the only place still opend) Austin set up a romantic environment and cooked dinner for Jessica at her apartment, but he ended up overcooking the salmon by accident so the two decided to just go to Subway to get sandwiches because it was the closest place still open Austin proposed to Jessica by Flying Jessica to Omaha, Nebraska and taking her:a) On a hot air balloon ride to pop the question and then going to a jazz dinner for a fun night of music and dancing because she always wanted to go on a unique off the grid trip togetherb) On a private horseback ride and then heading to a famous restaurant in the Old Market district for dinner to pop the question because she mentioned that she always wanted to go there when they first started datingc) To one of the best steakhouses in town for dinner to pop the question and then going to Phantom of the Opera afterwards because she mentioned wanting to go see it when they first started datingd) To the famous underground caves at the city's zoo known for its thousands of stalactites and then setting up a private dinner beneath one of the cave's sky holes to pop the question under the stars According to Austin and Jessica, if their love story were a movie it would be:a) Lady and the Tramp; we call it bella note…b) It's Complicated; difficult to explain…c) Beauty and the Beast; neither one prepared, both a little scared…d) Fight Club; the first rule of fight club is you don't talk about fight club…***Hint: all answers are CJessica is the best friend that anyone could ever ask for in life.

She is an incredibly talented, caring, and selfless woman that can light up an entire room with her smile..wait, you'll see.

Her generosity, patience, and understanding for others (especially the Bride) is astounding and inspirational.

FACT: It's believed that the bride and Jessica are best friends because their parents couldn't handle them as sisters... Taryn is an incredible friend and absolutely one of a kind!

Brett and the Groom have spent countless hours riding Harley's and experimenting with some of the most ridiculous workout programs known to man.