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04-Sep-2017 11:07

Particularly within the Christian subculture, there seems to be some major confusion regarding what it means to actually ask someone out on a date.With all the made-up rules we learn about dating, we pretty much all feel like we need a guide for “dummies”.Though I myself enjoy the convenience of getting together with friends via the click of a button on social media, I find it that many people are hiding behind their screens out of cowardice, rather than convenience.While it may be easier to shoot a text message, ask over email, give a ring on the phone, or post on someone’s Facebook wall- it’s far more effective to actually approach and interact with the person you’re interested in face-to-face when the opportunity exists (Long-distance relationships can bend these rules as needed). A young mother herself, she waited ten long years for the one chance to escape and rescue the others. I have not been perceiving things—myself especially—well as of late. They say she died of a broken heart believing her daughter was still out there somewhere. Amanda was the girl who never stopped believing she had purpose though raped and held hostage. Me in the white rocker and Him within the grand peace of the day ebbing away. That my life just felt like all the purpose had been wrung out of it. But even those of us who fill others up, often find ourselves empty. Only on this day, I got stuck on verse five because…it filled me. And that’s the primary thing these older women in my life teach me.

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There’s a lot of complexities out there in life…yet the thing I get the most inquiries about, is this crazy little thing called “a date”.

Practice your social skills…they’ll come in handy in all parts of life. Even at the risk of getting turned down, don’t give into the temptation to be casual and indirect. ”, “We should hangout sometime”, and “I’ll be at the coffee shop tomorrow studying” are completely passive and non-committal phrases, and NOT the way to go.