Dating email text phone etiquette

20-Oct-2017 17:09

The report, by Staples UK, found that taking time over an ‘Out of Office’ email over the summer holidays and Olympic period can have a positive effect on relationships with colleagues, clients and suppliers.

Worryingly 58 per cent of office workers said they felt irritated and wouldn’t do business with people who took annual leave and failed to leave any 'Out of Office' message at all as it showed a lack of professionalism and care.

Chelsea didn’t hear from Richard until late that night when he finally sent an unemotional, “.” Seriously, if you must cancel a date, provide the person with the civility of a phone call and proper explanation – even if your explanation is a white lie to spare their feelings.

Text messages designed to engage me in a lengthy exchange usually receive no response.

Texting is meant to be a fast form of communication, so we tend to use abbreviations and shortcuts such as "np" (no problem) or "u" (you).

But there is such a thing as an inappropriate abbreviation.

The text fitting in one message on your phone doesn't necessarily translate to a single, neat note for a friend who uses a different carrier.

Lengthy texts sent from a Verizon phone to a Sprint one, for example, can get divided and sent as back-to-back messages. Most phones have a small character counter in the same box in which you're texting that says something like 160/1.

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If you choose to include them in your texts, she suggests only using shortcuts that are widely known — ones that the receiver would understand the meaning of.

That means if your text goes over 160 characters it may carry over into a second text message, depending on the recipient's phone service provider.