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(And yes, we DO feel a little weird about using the phrases “family-friendly” and “sizzling sexual tension” in the same sentence, but it’s too late to turn back now.) Here are 5 games that are win-win, even if you lose.

If an intellectual connection gets you all hot and bothered but you don’t want to spend 2 hours on Scrabble, bust out this portable pouch of letters and get ready for a no-holds-barred thrill ride of full-throttle spelling fun. Your boyfriend desperately needs to borrow your “Get Out of Jail Free” card? (COME ON, DAMMIT, USE YOUR IMAGINATION.) If all else fails, just throw a handful of Monopoly dollars in the air and pretend you’re in a sexy T-Pain music video.

Or rather, when the term was used to entice heterosexual men into being overtly physical, subtly condescending, and relentless in their pursuit under the promise that they'd become irresistible to women.

It similarly reduced women to sex objects rather than human beings, and ignored their desires and consent in such a way that even the man who spearheaded the movement, author Neil Strauss, has backtracked on his claims."I can’t help but think that these tactics aren’t really about breaking the ice, but actually reveal Magic’s true intent of teaching the user to build a quick report based on artifice and deception," Hayden concludes, and it's unfortunately not surprising.

" Another "special edition" of the product gives you the chance to "start attracting the kind of women you really want…

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Perhaps in an attempt to quash that, or to at least provide "diversity" (picture the most exaggerated air quotes you can imagine), the very bottom of the website promises that a dating course for presumably heterosexual women is coming soon and that we should let them know if we're interested. You’ll also want to consider checking out some of our tube-style dresses (AKA strapless mini dresses) for a sweet alternative to the mini.These styles come in lace, metallics, animal prints, mesh, fishnet and more.With the help of our famous designer, we've managed to put together an exquisite collection of chic cut-out shoulder dresses that will definitely help you stand out of the crowd at that fancy party...

You will always be able to play your favorite games on Kongregate.

They're objects, and that isn't helped by his partnership with Cerevrum, the company behind the VR spinoff.