Dealing with intimidating managers

10-Jul-2018 21:20

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The rule in the workplace is to fight fair because conflict will arise anyway.But when a boss does not respect this rule, it is most likely a tool of manipulation.But how can you be certain that you are dealing with a manipulative boss? See Also: How to Deal With Emotional Manipulation in The Workplace If your boss likes reminding you how much he has helped you or how hard it is to make it out there, among other veiled threats, it is time to hold your head straight and let him see your confidence.Manipulative people rarely pick people who are brimming with self-confidence as their victims.

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For example, the boss might always be in a hurry anytime you want to talk about something.

Solution: Set limits on how he should talk to you and what you are willing to tolerate.

For example, you can request that he calls you to his office if he has any complaints against you, and only uses professional language.

If you find your manager often shifting blame and scapegoating, perhaps it is time to confront him and outline your concerns.

If your boss is fond of using subtle sarcasm on you, putting you down, portraying you as inadequate, or any other shaming technique, it is time to sound the alarm bell.

Weak leaders sometimes resort to emotional deceit as a weapon for getting things done.

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