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11-Sep-2017 16:16

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Update Grid View after Details View update/insert/delete I'm missing something here...I am using a Details View to handle all of the update/deletes/inserts for the Selected gridview record. Everything displays fine, I can edit individual rows in the nested grids and I can insert Rows in the grids.

I went so far as to declare a protected method in my code behind to determine if the date was...

The other way to resolve the issue is to better understand how to add this functionality without going through the SQLData Source (which I hate to do).

I have a page that loads the first fiew fields of a database into a Grid View, then when you select one, it generates a Details View.

If I could get this to work it would be great and would allow me to use the full functionality of the grid and details views.

detailsview1 fired event itemupdating which wasn-56

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The database resides on this machine, but the page I am working on resides elsewhere.I have been through the Bob Tabor videos and even following his examples..just does not do anything.

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