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Your personal temperature setting will depend on how much food is kept in the refrigerator.A few years ago we ran a contest looking for those embarrassing or funny phone experiences we love to share–or perhaps keep to ourselves.I obviously extended my stay in the stall well beyond him leaving and being as far away from the rest room as time would allow. While working for a national chemical company as a tele-sales representative I had my best encounter to date. Scripting, coaching and constant training made this company a national leader within the chemical industry. I had just closed a sale with a female client and was going for the “add on”.The chemical I choose to present was an Enzyme based product that digests the source of an odor.As I reached over to grab my notes, my HOT coffee spilled all over a. I yelled one of the seven dirty words at the top of my lungs, which went right into the client’s voice mail.I hung up, called back, got voice mail again, explained what happened and offered a sincere, heartfelt apology.(I have one of these myself and I can tell you that it rocks!

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When the client called the CEO back, they both had a good laugh about it, we actually wound up making a sale(! At the next sales meeting the CEO told everyone the story, (which got a huge laugh and round of applause), and asked me if I could spill hot drinks on myself more often.The best temperature to suit just about any refrigerator is ideally at 37 degrees F.If the settings on your temperature control dial seem to be making the fridge too cold or too warm, use the thermometer reading to adjust the settings dial until you have the best temperature. Low (colder) temperatures are key to prevent bacteria growth and to keep your food fresher longer.So I am sitting on the toilet in a rest room stall at BWI minding my own business (excuse pun) when this guy in the booth next door says “How ya doing?

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” I was a little taken a back but being a 40 year sales veteran, I am not shy about meeting new people so I said ” Great how about you?I had some requests to share it again for those that didn’t see it.