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07-Mar-2018 20:33

I am not comfortable with that and I refused in both cases and both guys were really upset.

I don't wear sexy dress while I'm chatting with them. I don't know if it's OK in american culture or not because I'm not familiar with western culture much.

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The norm means that it happens regardless of if it is acceptable or not.I wish you luck, America is a great place, these men aren't very common. You kind of made me ashamed of my country actually, but it is the truth.This type of thing is mostly common on sites where people are matched up with people randomly, in an attempt to get a woman to do sexual things for them. Money, politics, and sex are the main concerns in America.Be firm and cordial when you refuse, and if they don't listen to reason, block them at all costs.

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This is, unfortunately, normal if these are men you (or anyone you know and trust) didn't know before these chats and may have been added to your contacts randomly.

I would advise against talking to guys on Skype, they will usually think that you are open to sexual advances and such.

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"The intent is usually to just have some fun."If nothing else, single women's struggles in San Jose prove that even when women are literally knee-deep in eligible bachelors, they still have the same dating difficulties — balancing work with play, fending off creeps and dealing with commitment-phobes — as other singles around the country.… continue reading »

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Many daters with sensitive health conditions have a tough time deciding when to disclose that information. According the the CDC, one out of every six Americans (ages 14 to 49) have genital herpes.… continue reading »

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