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It's good to know that you can spend a few hundred pounds for a plate like X1 RPB, instead of an astonishing £500,000 for X1.True, cherished-registration enthusiasts prefer the original issues (such as X1) to some of the more inventive numbers, such as B1 MBO, M4 TCH or the incredible ORG 45M.Later, Arthur Askey owned AA 10 and Norman Wisdom was proud to show off 1 NW.In the 1960s, it seemed that everyone who was anyone had a personalised number.

For many, self-publicity has always been the motivation for owning a personalised plate, even if sometimes they represent a previous incarnation.The most desirable finishing touch for any motor has to be a personalised registration.But if you can't afford solid gold, you don't buy it, do you?"I think personalised plates are the ultimate accessory," says Khan, who owns a fleet of top-marque cars, all adorned with "TAP" numbers, including 2 TAP and 8 TAP.

Phillip Haslam of Derbyshire found out how important getting the R1 GHT number plate can be.

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