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As if our culture needed Now, certainly there are women who are guilty of the gender equivalent—i.e., playing real-life Jessica Rabbits. The performance isn’t so much Which is why it’s good that we have an insult built just for dudes, and in particular for the out-of-whack male ego. There is nothing more performatively macho than punching everything you see.

But here’s a weirder one: Topher Grace is a douche.

He responded with “sweetheart I picked you up, I know where you live.” She lost her color in her face and said nothing. so seeing as my current plan amounted to “stab him in the neck” and I’m already thinking maybe that’s not the best idea, I sit down.

He walks over, grabs a nearby chair, flips it around and sits down with the couple. he pulls out his police ID and puts it on the table.

And sure, it’s not like a woman has never been called a douche before.

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Well, I am a man and by god I wanted to be this guy. I’m having dinner with my girlfriend at the time, and behind us are a couple on a date. The girl finishes her appetizer really quickly, my guess is she wanted to get it over with.We can run you home afterwards if you’d like, unless you’d prefer to call someone else? ” The guy pretty much fled the restaurant, the girl went and sat with the cop and his family and by the time we left they were still sitting around and laughing about random crap.