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The Harmony Company was founded by Wilhelm Schultz in 1892.

Thus began the most successful American made stringed instrument producer ever.

All the wood and other parts had been put on pallets and was sitting in the shipping area to be sold. These models were appreciated by all Harmony fans everywhere.

The problem was that each lot was so huge that no one that were interested in the guitar parts could afford the lots.

Harmony instruments carried many brand names, Valencia, Johnny Marvin, Vogue, Airline, Fender, Kay and Regal are a few of the more notable names which Harmony produced several models of guitars, but Silvertone offered by Sears is probably the most common.

Later in the 70's the Harmony name was sold to be used on Asian guitars.

All the equipment was right where it had been when the factory was up and running. and the actual owner of the Harmony trade name came to an impasse and M. The Vintage Ressiue series are true to the original designs but feature much improved; finish, hardware, and pliability.

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In 1938 Harmony returned to violin production after a 19 year hiatus and in 1939 Harmony bought several brand names from the bankrupt Oscar Schmidt Company.

This allowed the floodgates to open and the world saw Asian companies take the low to medium grade instrument market away from the American companies. in Chicago ceased operations and had a huge three day auction. In 2009, the Harmony trademark and all intellectual property was acquired by Westheimer corpoaration in Northbrook , IL.