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But the two adults managed to get the situation under control in a display of teamwork rarely caught on camera in the animal kingdom.They stood either side of each other in the water and lifted the baby up so that its head was above the surface, before guiding the dazed infant towards the shallower end of the pool.Of course there will be a twist…we only want to understand them so that we can push our own paintings to the next level…yes, we must rewrite the “rules” in art.Lively class discussions and demos will focus on creating stronger compositions, use of the 3 properties of color (hue, intensity and value), value contrasts vs.She is most known for her large scale paintings, as well as plexiglass and mixed-media constructions.The processes can be very varied from piece to piece, but the concepts remain interrelated.Learn how to capture light and landscape at Dorothea Dix park with former PNC Pop In Artist in Residence Ursula Gullow.

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There will also be lectures on art history and master artworks, and individual critiques. Leslie Pruneau grew up in Raleigh and received her BFA from East Carolina University.

The stunned adult panicked as it watched the infant struggle to keep its mouth and trunk above the surface.