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05-Apr-2018 23:24

Stop Ham movement was liquidated by the Russian government in March 2016. More details Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade revealed details of an aid program for the poor.

The country plans to introduce electronic food cards for those in need.

In the Middle Ages, priests informed the laity that women were naturally more lustful, insatiable, and visually stimulated.

For the tenth year already, British researchers report on liveability by country.

More details Russian media reported about Sharia patrol shaming people in the streets for “inappropriate behaviours” in Moscow.

A former member of infamous “Stop Ham” youth movement (shaming people for violations of traffic rules) Islam Ismailov named his new project “Stop Haram” (haram stands for forbidden actions in Islamic law).

Moreover, she’s still working and has no plans to retire. In 2016 USA refused 40% of visitor visa applications by Ukrainians.More details Women’s Day is celebrated in Russia and Ukraine on 8 March.With the holiday approaching, sociologists offerred some insight into which gifts women want to get on that day. It was clear early on that we weren’t going to work out, but with dinner, you’re locked in — in terms of time,” he told the site.

“I had a pretty memorable bad first date over dinner.More details Guys who are courting Russian women sometimes think that it would be easy.