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Part of his speaking ministry has focused on youth issues in relationships and sexual mores, and is reflected in seminars such as "Maximum Sex" and the "Why Wait?

" campaign that encourages sexual abstinence before marriage.

However, he converted to Christianity, after, as he says, he found evidence for it, not against it.

He subsequently enrolled at Wheaton College, Illinois, where he was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree.

' with the South African Muslim Ahmed Deedat in Durban during August 1981.

Other foci of his apologetics have included challenging the methodology, assumptions and conclusions drawn in higher criticism of the Old Testament and form and redaction criticism of the gospels.

Joslin "Josh" Mc Dowell (born August 17, 1939) is a Christian apologist, evangelist, and writer.

He gained wide fame as a Christian apologist with the publication of Evidence that Demands a Verdict in 1972.Other facets of his speaking ministry and writing have focused on issues of self-esteem (His Image, My Image), and developing faith and character (Evidence for Joy).In the 1980s he also co-ordinated a three-month residential discipleship program in a retreat center called The Julian Center, near San Diego.Mc Dowell tends to present positive arguments to commend belief in Jesus Christ by emphasizing historical and legal proofs to establish the authenticity of the Biblical texts and the divinity of Christ.

In books such as Evidence That Demands a Verdict, The Resurrection Factor, and He Walked Among Us, Mc Dowell has arranged his arguments by laying out a cumulative case of evidence, such as archaeological discoveries, the extant manuscripts of the biblical texts, fulfilled prophecies, and the miracle of the resurrection.

In two companion volumes he and his colleague Don Stewart have addressed popular questions and objections to faith concerning biblical inerrancy and Bible discrepancies, Noah's Flood, and creation versus evolution.